If You want to introduce new solutions to construction projects, it is good to consider implementation of less popular for now, but with great potential new technology. This technology is building information modeling (BIM) and clash detection, which allows for digital project management. By using this approach and digital tools we have influence on velocity of data processed by project stakeholders and we can optimize design workflow.

    Issue identification

    BIM methodology enables early clash detection in 3D model, even before they are identified during project construction stage. This solution allows to address issues in design on early project stage, what brings significant cost savings as clashes are eliminated before construction works are started.
    clash detection

    Effective project analysis

    Based on BIM technology, we analyze project structure and data about 3D elements, set rules of model checking and preliminary verify identified issues during clash detection process. Once this is done, we fill missing parameters, proceed with clash detection again and we prepare report with feedback. We also issue recommendations of possible problems solutions. All of those tasks significantly improve project delivery and thanks to early clash detection during design works stage, reduce overall project costs.

    If You are interested in more information about clash detection and how it may improve Your construction project, please visit our webpage to find more details: https://bimup.tech/en/clash-detection/!