BIM test enables proper resource planning during construction project lifecycle. BIM technology digital tools can be used in early clash detection between various project elements in 3D model. By using standardize approach areas that may cause problems during construction works can be early identified. By early identification, corrective action can be implemented to resolve issues what reduce project costs in long-term significantly.

    Effective analysis

    BIM test provides designers many project management possibilities. During BIM test implementation, we can introduce possible problems solution, fill missing parameters, set rules of model checking and perform comprehensive model quality tests. Additionally we can made analysis of model structure and information about each building object, prepare a report and provide feedback to relevant project stakeholders.

    BIM test

    Cost estimation software

    BIM technology allows for import of 3D model to cost estimation software. Import is based on OpenBIM technology and executed by IFC open format file. By using BIM class software, cost estimators may prepare schedules and quantity takeoffs directly form 3D objects. In addition software and BIM test allows for identification of clashes inside of 3D model.

    By implementing BIM methodology You will save time and reduce project costs. Cost of additional analysis carried during design stage will bring several times grater savings during project delivery. With this reason we recommend to visit our webpage and get more details:!