BIM test is a concept that has changed the approach to planning, construction and property management. BIM stands for Building Information Modeling Building information modeling provides continuous and immediate access to project information, costs and schedules.

    What is BIM used for?

    By working on a unified BIM model test, construction, building and management companies can significantly increase their efficiency and reduce errors during the documentation process. Digital design information combined with innovative parametric data modeling technology offers a significant advantage over traditional design and manufacturing methods.

    BIM test

    What else will BIM help with?

    Working on a single digital model across the enterprise is a recipe for inter-industry coordination problems in construction documentation, project continuity issues, conflicts and more. BIM testing is all about constant access to complete and up-to-date information on every element of a building – from visualization to the ability to access interiors, areas, cubes, material consumption, costs, etc. By enabling rapid testing of multiple options, BIM testing opens a new door to increased creativity and innovation, and even more to providing better solutions to clients and further expanding our company’s services.

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