Concept of BIM test improved significantly approach to design, site works delivery and facility management. Building Information Modeling allow for constant and on demand access to project information, costs or schedule.

    What is BIM for?

    One of BIM test benefits is work within one central 3D model which allows for cooperation of vendors and contractors involved in design, site works and facility management. This approach improve workflow, effectiveness and reduce issues arising during design process. Digital project data and innovative technology of parametric modeling brings many benefits comparing to traditional project delivery methods.

    BIM test

    Multidisciplinary coordination with BIM.

    Working with central, digital 3D model improves coordination of multidisciplinary design, keeps consistency between disciplines and allow for avoiding clashes. BIM test is a constant access to full information about each building object in particular rendering, access to building interiors, space, building volume info, materials used, scots and others. BIM test allows for scenario analysis, leaving space for creativity, innovation and constant cooperation with Clients. Using this approach we can provide more flexible and new services for our Clients.

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