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    Digital twin is a virtual presentation of real building, which may be used in various processes during building design, delivery and maintenance. Digital twin may be used to test, monitor and control of building operations during project lifetime.

    How digital twin works?

    Digital twin may be used in real time to update system information regarding physical features and functionalities. Digital twin test verifies and proves proper working system work. When subject matter expert carry out tests and can not identify differences between physical bundling and digital twin, this proves that system works correct.

    digital twin

    Digital twin types

    Digital twins are usually divided into subtypes, which sometimes include: digital twin prototype (DTP), digital twin instance (DTI) and digital twin aggregate (DTA). DTP consists of the design, analysis and processes that deliver the physical product. The DTP exists before the physical product. The DTI is the digital twin of every single instance of the product after it is produced. DTI is linked to its physical counterpart from the remainder of the physical counterpart’s life. A DTA is an aggregation of DTIs whose data and information can be used for physical product interrogation, forecasting and learning. The specific information contained in digital twins depends on the use cases. A digital twin is a logical structure, which means that the actual data and information can be included in other applications.

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